Baleal Beach is located 40 kms away from Casa do Lago

North Beach at Baleal

The Baleal Norte or Lagido Beach is very famous among surfers, as one of its main feautures is the agitated ocean. With a wide sandy area extension, this is one of the many Peniche’s coast beaches with a great natural beauty. The beach possesses good amenities, and is also famous because of its amazing sunset.

Baleal Beach

aerial view of the Baleal Isthmus and village

Baleal Sul Beach
The sea in the Baleal Sul Beach is what distinguishes it from the Baleal Norte. Here, the ocean is relatively calm, as this beach is quite sheltered from the northern winds.
Baleal Sul is perfect for a beach holidays, and presents proudly an astonishing natural beauty, both at the beach and on its surroundings.
The sandy area is quite extensive, allowing privacy and peace of mind.

Baleal fishermen village

The island has two restaurants in the “aldeia dos Pescadores” (fishermen’s village), in the Mar e Sol Pavilion

aquatic sports

Island of Pombas at Baleal